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Nashville Bar & Grill


We are locally owned bar and restaurant featuring live music in the heart of downtown Nashville.

Benchmark has the best live music offerings without a cover charge. If your looking for something good to eat, check out the many options on our menu and try a popular plate like the Jamie's melt down or the Memphis rib sandwich. If you crave a sporting event, we have viewing options both upstairs and downstairs for your favorite. We are conveniently located on 2nd avenue right across from the World Famous Wildhorse Saloon. Come see why our customers vote our drink specials the best you will find in downtown Nashville!


Currently on Tap:

  • Benchmark's Signature Honey Brown Lager

  • Benchmark's Signature Frozen Vodka Blueberry Energy Slush

  • Benchmark's Legendary Frozen Nashville Bushwacker

  • Bud Light

  • Hap N Harry's Tennessee Lager

  • Sierra Nevada Hazy IPA

  • Yengling Lager

  • Yazoo Rotating (ask your bartender)

  • Kentucky Bourbon Ale High Gravity

  • Falls City Pilsner


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We are an Official Green Bay Packers Bar! Cheeseheads unite on gamedays!